Legally Blonde, Jr Cast and Crew Page!

The schedule has been slightly updated for next Saturday, September 26th. Please check it here . We have also added a parent meeting on Saturday, September 9th from 5-5:30.

Let your neighbors know about the show! You can order a yard sign (individualized with your name) Learn more here

Do your voice a favor and warm-up BEFORE rehearsals (this is for EVERYONE!). For some reason this video looks like it was recorded with a potato and the video quality is terrible but it still works! Note: The first warm-up may start a little high for really low voices, my apologies but you can still warmup with the second warmup for sure!  here is a warmup video for you:

*Please note: Thank you to those of you who have donated law books, we are ALL set and do not need anymore textbooks/law books of any kind*

The rehearsal schedule thru September 9th is available here

WE NEED YOUR HELP! It takes a village to put on a show: Here is the volunteer signup for rehearsals thru the run of the show! 

BCT presents Legally Blonde, Jr.

Cast (In order of appearance)

Margot – Paige Kupec

Serena – Sophia Brauser

Pilar – Morgan Lehman

Gaelen – Lily Stark 

Kate -Stella Vodilko

Bruiser – Amelia Hughes

Elle Woods – Ava Kanieski/Paige Pedmo

Saleswoman- Pacie Hadad

Store Manager – Laney Smith

Warner Huntington III – Ben Beneke

Grandmaster Chad – Lukas Ziska

Winthrop – Kaitlyn Taraschke 

Lowell – Sophia Thomas

Pforzheimer -Libby Lutzko 

Jet Blue Pilot – Jet Druley

Emmett Forrest – Nick Peterseim

Aaron Schultz – Courtney Urbanek

Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan – Eden Benz

Enid Hoopes – Laila Schoenbaechler

Vivienne Kensington – Lexi Dacek

Professor Callahan – Cain Hoover 

Paulette – Emmy Fairbanks/Adriana Thomas

Whitney – Mara Poe

Dewey/Kyle – Doran Dacek

Rufus- Seraphina Nagy

Brooke Wyndham – Brooke Milewski

Sabrina -Charlotte Casey

Prison Guard – Renee Tomasheski

KiKi – Olivia Cambouris

Cashier- Grace Zelesky

Sylist-Emma Raulie

Bookish Client – Grace Urda

Judge – Sarah Miller

Baliff – Kassidy Kovacik

Chutney Wyndam – Norah Woofter

Ensemble: Jill Hildenbrand, Arya Hronec, Kassidy Kovacik, Brennan Lewis, Quinn Ziska, Lucille Scali, Adelaide Singleton, Lily Stark, Emma Turchek

July 21st, 2023

Hello! Welcome to our Cast and Crew page! This page will be the main source of communication and resources for Legally Blonde, Jr! It can be overwhelming to start the “onboarding” process of a show – please let us know if you have any questions! We are still in the process of finalizing the cast! Once the cast is finalized we will post the cast list publicly on Facebook and this page. Here are some updates for today:

    1. Kindly fill out the photo consent form found here

    1. Please sign up for the Remind App to stay up-to-date on all things Blonde! Instructions can be found here

    1. You should have already received your invoice for the Production Fee via email from Square. We kindly ask that this invoice is paid in full by Friday, August 11th.

    1. Our first rehearsal will be on Saturday, July 29th from 1-5 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (317 E Liberty St, Medina OH 44256). This was the location of auditions. ALL CAST is called to this rehearsal where we will do a read-thru and get to know each other. If you indicated on your conflict form that you are unable to attend this rehearsal, you are excused. We ask that one parent/guardian (due to space constraints) accompany your cast member(s) to the parent meeting which should run no more than 45 minutes starting at 1:00 .

    1. A more complete rehearsal calendar (which characters are called each day) will be released next week.

    1. Please fill out your bio for our program by Friday, August 11th. You can fill it out here.

    1. Wanna get a jump start on learning the music? You can access the guided vocals here and the performance tracks here

    1. That’s all for today!